Best way to earn money online using your Laptop in 2020 from home?
earn money online using your laptop

Best way to earn money online using your Laptop in 2020 from home?

You can turn your laptop into money making machine using below mentioned business option.

Technology play a very important role in our today’s life, whether its entertainment , health, education or making money. While the internet is taking over the large part of our lives, people are looking way to earn money online to increase their financial stability. You can earn money online as a part timer or full timer. To make money online all you need is a Laptop and internet connection. Below are the few proving method of earn money online.

Start your own website.

There are enough material  available online to create a website. To Start a website, you need web hosting and a good domain.  To Start a website the most important thing is to decide the niche and keyword research. These two important thing will decide the future of your website. Because creating a website is very easy but running a successful website which have good amount of visitor is highly competitive in these day. So before creating a website first do research on niche and keyword. Once your website start getting good traffic, it can be an asset to you and can give a good earning.

Content writing

Content writing require good writing skill , you can write article for others as a freelancer and can earn money online.


Blogging is another powerful way of making money online. If you have passion and interest you can make career as a blogger. There are many full time blogger in this country , making a hefty amount .


Youtube is another option to make money online. Here you have to create a youtube channel, first decide a topic or category on which you want to make video. First you identify you potential and expertise then select the category or subject. The moment you make your channel popular, you will be paid on per thousand view.

Share Trading

You can earn money in share market by investing or trading. Investing in share is something like purchasing share for long time and trading in share means buy and sell share for shorter period (it could be daily, weekly or monthly basis). Share trading is highly risky, so it’s advisable not to enter into share trading without knowledge as you can loose all your money.

Here earning potential is very high at the same time risk is also very high. It looks very attractive from ousite, but entering into share market without knowledge is very very risky. If you really want to make money through share market. First learn some basics of share market. Never ever buy a share on somebody tips, whether he is expert or some broker house.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another powerful option to earn money online. Once your website start getting good amount of traffic you can opt for affiliate marketing. You allow other website link on your website and when visitors click this link and buy some product or services, you get affiliate commission. Below are most popular website link where you can register yourself free of cost as a affiliate marketer.

Amazon affiliate link:

ClickBank affiliate link :

Online Teaching

If you have good command on any subject you can teach online. There are many website which provide online teaching.

Selling you product online

Start you own online business store (e-commerce website), where people can purchase product. There are very high competition in this business as giants like amazon, flipkart and other big e-commerce website are already there. But if you are successful to find a low competitive and high demand niche you can earn huge amount buy selling the products online. Or even you can sell your product on other e-commerce website like amazon, flipkart, alikart etc.

Web Designing

Almost every business owner wants his presence online. But every business person is not a tech savvy. So you can start your own web designing company. Where you can offer bundle product for business person starting form creating website , to social media advertisement, SEO and other services .

These are the some smart option to earn money online. All the above mentioned business option required dedication, consistency , patience and hard word. You can analyze your potential and choose your option accordingly.

Before starting any business, just don’t go by emotion or sentiment. First do some research, then only opt for any business.

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