How to check a refurbished MacBook before buying it?
step to check before buying a refurbished macbook

How to check a refurbished MacBook before buying it?

If your are planning to buy a limited budget laptop, then buying a refurbished macbook is the best option. At the same time you can save extra money by purchasing a used macbook. Before buying a refurb macbook, you must go through the necessary check points which is mention below, to assure the old macbook which you’re purchasing  will not crash the very next day.

Macbook condition (Check for damages)

First carefully check the body of the refurbished macbook for any physical damage or scratches, it you find any problem with the condition, you can use it for bargain. Then check all screw carefully, any mis screw can be sign that this mac has been repaired to some unauthorized service center.

Macbook specification

To check the macbook specs, got to top left corner and click on “about this mac”, a detail window of specification will open. Also match the serial no of macbook printed on the backside of your mac and mentioned in about this mac.

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used macbook

Keyboard and Backlit (Run a keyboard test)

Run a keyboard test by using keyboard viewer, by clicking language menu at top bar menu. Now every key you press will be displayed in keyboard open in window.

Headphone Jack

Check the headphone jack by inserting headphone in jack,  and listen the sound.

USB Port

Insert Pen Drive in all USB Port and check the detection.


Its easy to check the speaker, just turn on any audio/video file and check the speaker, whether sound is clear or not.


On the top right corner, click on wifi button and connect with available internet. Then check any website, if its working fine.


Macbook are known for their powerful battery backup, so make sure the refurb macbook you are purchasing does not drain fast. Click on apple logo, hold down option/alt key, and system information from drop down menu, and select battery health information section. Cycle count will help you to diagnose macbook battery health.

battery health.png

Display (Check the display condition)

Carefully scrutinize  dead pixel on refurbished macbook display, use picture of mono color background (red, green, white, blue). If any pixel are damage, you’ll find small spot.

Webcam (Run webcam diagnostics)

Just turn on the face time app of your refurbished macbook, if your able to see your face, means your refurb macbook camera is working fine.

Charging Point

Connect the charger to magnetic charging point and check the refurbished macbook whether its charging properly, and there should not be any kind of fluctuation, also check the charger wire and there should not be any kind of cut.

Disable firmware password

Boot used macbook and when you hear startup chime, hold down option/alt key. If you are asked for password, it mean there is firmware password. Ask the owner to remove it.

Check the S.M.A.R.T. status

S.M.A.R.T stands for self monitoring analysis and Reporting Technology which will help you to check the hard drive error. Navigate to Application-Utilities-Disk Utilities and check S. M.A.R.T status.

Apple Hardware Test

Apple Hardware Test detect issue with the logic board, memory and other hardware component. To run this test disconnect all external devices and turn off the macbook. Then turn on macbook and hold D key once you hear startup chime. Select the language and press the arrow button to run the test.

Check How Old is that macbook?

You can check the actual age of the macbook, by serial number. On the backside of macbook, you will find the serial no. Below are the link to identify the macbook model and its age:
For Mac:

For Macbook Pro:

For Macbook Air :

Note: Remember to carry pre-installed mac OS pendrive and headphone, when you go to buy refurbished macbook. Which will help you to diagnose the used macbook.

Which one is the cheapest Apple laptop in India?

Macbook Air 2018 model core i5, 4GB RAM and 128 GB SSD is cheapest laptop which will cost approx- Rs.54000

Macbook Air and Macbook Pro which one it better?

Considering the performance, built and battery back up macbook pro is far better than macbook air. But again it depends upon person to person requirement.
If you’re looking low budget macbook for general purpose, then macbook air is for you.
And if you’re planning to purchase macbook for coding, designing or video editing then there is no match of macbook pro.

How to check macbook specification?

Click on Apple icon (top left corner) and select “About this mac” from drop down

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