Consumer Buying Behaviour while purchasing Laptop.
Consumer Buying Behaviour while purchasing Laptop.

Consumer Buying Behaviour while purchasing Laptop.

The Information technology (IT) is changing so fast with the development of computer hardware. It has been observed that in last two decade the purchase of laptop has increased significantly. Last 5-10 yrs back laptop was considered as luxurious item, but now it has become fast moving consuming item.

This signifies that the people are very much interested to handle technological instruments in their day to day life. The laptop is the main sources of communication in our day to day activity.

Being  Laptop Supplier for last 8yrs, I can answer this question and explain in details the behaviour of the laptops buyers.

There are two types of laptops buyer, one is Consumer and the another one is Corporate. In this article we will mainly discuss the behaviour of consumer buyer. Even there are different kind of Consumer buyer. We will catagorise these buyers into three or four main category.

  1. Gamer
  2. Professional
  3. Simple user
  4. Traveller

Gamer- If a person wants to purchase laptop for gaming purpose, he will mainly focus on high configuration and graphics with bis screen. 

For gaming purpose it’s advisable to buy a high config Desktop or laptop, which should have atleast latest core i7 processor, with 4GB dedicated graphics, and should have SSD instead of hard disk, which will really make the difference while playing game.

Professional– Software developer, B-tech students, graphics designer, video editor etc. comes in this category. If you wants laptop for software coding or video mixing then macbook pro is highly recommended. Atleast buy a core i5 macbook pro with SSD and 4/8GB RAM.

Simple User– They generally wants to buy laptop for day to day activity, like accounting , watching movie, typing etc. What I have personally experience with these customer is, “they generally wants 15 inch laptop with atleast decent configuration.” They focus on look, screen size , slim design,  at least 4GB RAM and 1TB Hard disk memory.

Traveller– Traveller generally focus decent configuration laptops with small size and slim design, so that it will be easy to handle.

How can we make video call from my laptop to another mobile phone?

Skype are most common software to make video call. Skype to skype call are free and it can be used for video calling from laptop to mobile.

How to remove the user ID and password in a refurbished laptop?

Just fomat the laptop and User ID and password will be removed.

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