Are refurbished laptops worth buying ?

Are refurbished laptops worth buying ?

Few Important thing to notice before purchasing a refurbished laptops/ second hand laptops

There are two type of refurbished laptops in market. one is new refurbished Laptop (Company Refurbished with company warranty) and the other one is old refurbished laptops with seller warranty. Here we will discuss about old refurbished laptop and why its good value buy.

Generally refurbished laptops is commercial laptops which comes @ 1/4th (one fourth) of the actual price. These commercial laptop are expensive with high performance and made strong built. These refurbished laptop are life long and much advance in features in comparison to home series laptop, and refurbished laptop price in India is much lower in comparison to new one.

Few things to be noted before buying a refurbished laptops.

  1. always purchase the refurbished laptops from authentic source. Alikart is one of the best option and most trusted name for refurbished laptops purchase. They sell high quality, certified and well condition refurbished laptop with good battery backup and at lowest price.
  2. check battery backup before buying, generally the old laptops can give you battery issue. so always check battery before purchasing second hand laptop.
  3. Ask for warranty to check the laptop. Minimum there should be atleast one month warranty. So that within a month you can check your laptop properly.
  4. Never ever buy dedicated graphics laptop untill you are very much assured about the product. Being a refurbished laptop supplier ( Alikart Refurbished And Second Hand Laptop Seller G-4, Sukriti Complex, S.P. Verma Road, Patna, Bihar 800001) we have  found dedicated graphics refurbished laptop give problem and if there is a graphics issue, most of the time its is repairable. So avoid purchasing dedicated graphics refurbished laptop.
  5. Second hand laptops price should be ¼ th or below, to the actual price.

These are the few points or you can say checklist you’ve to notice before purchasing refurbished laptop.

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